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From the pantry of an historic country house comes the ongoing diary of its butler, Mr Dean Fielding. I shall be giving you a glimpse of the family I serve and of the lives both 'Below Stairs' and 'Above'. I hope you follow my jottings daily.

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Have been butler here for over 15 years. Having previously, and unusually for these days, worked my way up from footman to under-butler to my current post. You can now follow me on Twitter via: http://www.twitter.com/butlerfielding

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unwanted Suspense

My nerves are frayed. They are also jangling. I did not realise that nerves could fray and jangle at the same time. It is an interesting but rather unpleasant sensation. I was apprehensive of opening the doors of Carstone House to a gentleman of the local press because I remember what happened last time I was interviewed by them. One popped along about four years ago. I think it must have been the time that Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales' former butler, was in all the newspapers, and, for a split second, butlers were all the rage once more. An unprepossessing man with a moustache that he seemed to have borrowed for the occasion spent the day with me, to write an article about my profession in the modern age. He went away and wrote an article quoting me at length. He did not actually report what I had said, but what he believed I SHOULD have said. It was quite extraordinary. That chap's name was Mr Chandos. I mention this because it was the self-same reporter that turned up here at 9.30 on Monday morning.

Chandos greeted me warmly as if reuniting with a lost friend. His questions to me were quite brief, but I am convinced that I was not the antelope that this particular lion had his eye on. He was allowed to talk to any members of staff that were willing to talk to him. Unfortunately practically every one did talk to him. He was here an inordinate amount of time, and left with a spring in his step. A journalist with a spring in his step bodes well for no man. Goodness knows what people have told him, and would it matter anyway? He will probably write what he pleases. Quite how Carstone House will be portrayed in the local media is hard to fathom. So everytime the newspapers are delivered I leap up from my chair like a particularly athletic salmon. So far the article has not appeared, but, soon, perhaps today, with the grim inevitability of Greek tragedy, the immortal words of Chandos will be delivered to the butler's pantry, to Mr Downing's office, to the study of Sir Geoffrey Carstone, and will be passed around the Servant's Hall with undisguised relish.

But what will those words say?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Fielding,
Has the article appeared yet?

3:11 pm  
Blogger Mr Fielding said...

Well it wasn't it last night's newspaper, and, with tonight's sitting on my lap, it doesn't seem to be in this one either.

The suspense lingers on.....

6:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear.The press...My husband was the Mayor of our borough.The stuff they quoted him as saying was a little far from the truth.Hope you fare better.

11:58 am  
Blogger Mr Fielding said...

Ah, I do believe the local press are the bane of Mayor's lives. Their chains of office rattle nervously whenever a local journalist starts sharpening his pencil. You have my sympathies.

11:03 am  
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